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Simon Ramirez is a fully Arkansas native and has been for all his life. He loves exploring the natural state whenever possible. 

Simon had always wanted to do something that has going to have a high impact but didn’t know what. It started when he saw his dad struggling to get customers. Simon decided that he was going to try to help. To begin, he went to Google and searched ways to market a small business. Finding several ways on how to do this such as search engine optimization, PPC, and inbound marketing strategies, Simon started implementing this onto his dad’s business. First by creating a website, then creating content that would be seen online by hundreds. 

Shortly afterwards, Simon realized that if this had worked for his dad’s business, why couldn’t it work for other small businesses. From then, Simon started High Caliber Group. 

High Caliber Group is a Digital Marketing Agency that focuses on providing search engine optimization and other digital marketing services in the Arkansas area. High Caliber Group strives to keep achieving amazing things for clients and become one of the top Arkansas SEO Agencies

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