Top 9 ACTIONABLE Local SEO Tips For 2019

First of all, What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the ability to optimize your website for it to show up 1st in the search engines for a local audience.

Your website allows your business to be reached by large amounts of people through the search engines. Although your website can reach tons of people, if you own a local business, that doesn’t make much sense. Why would you want to reach tons of irrelevant audiences? That is where LOCAL SEO comes in. Local SEO practices can increase your website’s visibility specifically for LOCAL audiences.

Why Local SEO Matters For Your Business

Let’s say you have a roofing business in a large city.

When local residents of that city need to replace their roof, they will search on search engines, like Google, for roofing businesses. About 89% of people search for local businesses when they need a problem fixed, like their roof. If you’re not visible, guess what, they don’t even know you EXIST.

Especially because 75% of all the clicks done in Google go to the results on page 1.

Result #1 gets around 33%

Result #2 gets around 18%

Result #3 gets around 11% and it gets drastically lower after that.

Image from: Protofuse

So what can you do about this madness?

Now we get to the TOP 9 Local SEO Tips for 2019 you can do right now!

Onto The Tips!

Local SEO Tip #1: Create and Optimize your Google My  Business

Your Google My Business listing is quite possibly the most important aspect of your Local Business. Your GMB listing shows up in the Google search results as shown in the picture below:

Having your business show up in this quote on quote “snack pack”, drastically increases your business’s visibility to people searching for your service and the chance to get the phone call.

Setting up your Google My Business is actually simple.

First, search in Google for your business to see if Google auto made your business listing or if you don’t see a listing, go to and sign up.

Go through the setup process and create your listing. You are going to have to verify it, don’t worry, it’s not that bad. You can verify it a few different ways but the most common way is through the mail. Google will send you a postcard (typically takes around 5-7 business days) with a verification number which you will verify your business with.

After verifying your GMB, you want to optimize it. This can be done by making sure you:

  • fill out every aspect of your info and business category (roofing, pools, fence).
  • Add as many photos as you can with GEO tags
  • Upload a video if you have one (helps a lot)
  • Create a maxed out description with your target keyword like “roofing + city”


In your Google My Business listing, Google recently came out with a posting feature which allows you to post articles or recent jobs. Update this section of your GMB each week with one new post. Google will love the constant updates.

Local SEO Tip 2: Find, Add, and Correct your online Citations

I have already created a guide on how to find and correct your online directories but will go over it briefly here.

Google really rewards businesses that have a consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP) throughout the web. This reward really shows when it comes to Google My Business “snack pack” in the search results. Businesses with better consistency and more citations will benefit the most.

You can use tools like MozLocal and Yext to find and correct your listings.

Local SEO Tip 3: Get more reviews

Although building up your directory portfolio is an important step when trying to rank locally, that does not let new customers know how good your business is.

This is where reviews come into play.

Reviews on your Google My Business listing and on other review sites do influence your local visibility. The more positive reviews your business has, the better chance it has of attracting new customers. It’s common sense, but getting reviews is the somewhat hard part. This has to do with review sites and Google having guidelines for reviews, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t get reviews by being subtle.

Some things you can do is:

– Have a dedicated landing page where you list out all the places your customers can leave reviews

– Put up signs across your store asking for reviews

– Share some of your best reviews on social media. This will encourage others to leave reviews as well.

Local SEO Tip 4: Set up social media accounts and Actually Engage

Social Media is totally free and I don’t see enough businesses using it.

Over the past few years, social shares have become more relevant to Google and other search engines.

Google has been using social shares as an indicator of how authoritative your business is over these past few years. Although social media isn’t Google’s main key indicator, it is becoming increasingly powerful. Some Tips to nail down your social media presence are:

  • Setting up the Major Social Media platforms and optimizing them
  • Post relevant information at least 3 times per week
  • ACTUALLY engage with people
  • Post some video content as well

Local SEO Tip 5: Make sure your website is mobile friendly

Mobile responsive websites are a MUST in 2019.

So much so that 94% of people judge websites on their mobile responsiveness.

Want another reason?

Google prioritizes mobile-friendly websites!

Google has come up a stated that “mobile-first indexing” is coming. It is exactly what it sounds like. Google will soon be using your website’s mobile version as the first version they see and index.

Although, this isn’t the case at the moment, every year more and more people are using the mobile version of search instead of desktop search.

For the first time in 2016, mobile usage surpassed desktop usage. Fast forward to today and the percent of visits from mobile devices has grown from 51% in 2016 to 63% in 2019.

To sum it up: Get Your Website Optimized For MOBILE.

Local SEO Tip 6: Make sure your website is BLAZING Fast

Not only do you need a mobile-friendly website, but consumers these days also demand FAST websites. In today’s market, 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less! Although it’s less than 50%, another survey found that around 64% of smartphone users expect a webpage to load in 4 seconds or less.

With the internet taking over the lives of consumers, people expect businesses to have a blazing fast website.

You can check your website speed at GTMetrics will give you data on why your website is slow and how you can improve it.

Local SEO Tip 7: Optimize Title Tags

Optimizing your website’s title tags is one of the easiest things you can do to help your visibility. Your title tags are what appears in the search results as the title of a page.

Having optimized title tags will help Google identify what that page is about. Let’s say you are a plumber in “x” city. Well, optimize your home page title tag with keywords that people likely search for like “plumber + city”. This way, you’ll have a much better chance of ranking locally and dominating your city.

Local SEO Tip 8: Have killer On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization is basically the optimization of the content on a webpage. Having awesome on-page optimization is something that most local business overlook or don’t have time for. One of High Caliber Group’s focus points in On-Page optimization because it is extremely important.

So, what can you do to optimize your web page’s content?

  • Wrap you title tag into your H1 tag
  • Use lots of media such as images, video, and graphs
  • Make sure your images have your keywords in their “alt tags”
  • Insert your keywords into your subheadings
  • Your main keywords should appear in your first 100 words
  • Make sure your website is mobile responsive
  • Use outbound links in your content.
  • Add internal links (at least 2 or 3)
  • Use LSI keywords in your content meaning keywords that are synonyms to your main keywords
  • Use long-form content to your advantage. (at least 1000 words per page)
  • Use Social sharing buttons
  • Focus on increasing dwell time (the time a visitor stays on a page)

Local SEO Tip 9: Obtain Relevant Backlinks

Acquiring backlinks is still one of the most important steps when it comes to ranking nationally OR locally. Backlinks are links that point to your website or webpage.

The reason why backlinks are so important is because search engines, like Google, see backlinks as an indicator of how authoritative and credible your website is. This doesn’t mean that the more links the better though. Over the years, Google has become smarter and can detect when links are irrelevant and low quality. Having irrelevant and low-quality links pointing to your site will hurt your search ranking. The best way to get backlinks is to earn them.

How do you earn them? There are many ways to earn them but here are some of the best:

  • Guest Blog Posts
    • Guest blog posts are posts that other niche related blogs can post. They usually have options where you can submit your article and get a link
  • Writing Outstanding Content
    • This way of getting links is effective because after you write your post or article, it will naturally get backlinks.
  • Building Relationships
    • This works especially if you’re going after a local market. You probably know other business owners that also have websites. You can ask your business owner friends for links. Make it worthwhile for both parties though. Team up and create a local event for a local charity and write about it on each other’s websites, getting links in the process.

Conclusion: Why Local SEO is more important than EVER.

If your local business wants to dominate your area or region, implementing SEO onto your website is critical. Businesses all over the world implement Local SEO because they know it works. According to Forbes, by 2020, SEO spending will reach the 80 Billion mark.

Why is this?

Because it WORKS.

We know this might seem like a lot of work, trust me, it IS. If you want this handled for you professionally, look no further than High Caliber Group. We are a premiere Arkansas SEO Agency that knows you are busy running your business and doesn’t have time to put the pieces of an SEO campaign together. Contact us today and let us explode your business!

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